Developing as Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teacher Educators: Reviewing and Framing Perspectives in the Research
Kathleen Nolana &Lindsay Keazerb

Teacher educators developing and modeling their culturally responsive pedagogies (CRP) is essential for furthering the development of culturally responsive prospective and practicing teachers. To date, no tool has been developed for supporting the self-study and growth of mathematics teacher educators’ CRP. Thus, this article shares the process of identifying, synthesizing, and analyzing key scholarly texts in the field of teacher educator CRP, to extract from the research: a) how the scholars define CRP in the context of their studies (that is, what does CRP mean?) and b) how the scholars elaborate on this definition of CRP through the naming of components or characteristics (that is, what does CRP look like?). This review provides broad theoretical grounding for CRP, as well as a lens through which (mathematics) teacher educators can interrogate enactments of CRP in their practice.