Religion, Metaphysics, and Ethics
Paul T.E. Cusack, BScE, DULE

Philosophers were not able to make progress because they have too many degrees of freedom in their analysis.  We know from the time we are babies, that some thing exists.  We exist, as we know from the age of reason, and the world exists outside of ourselves.  Let’s look at that world outside of ourselves. I was told by a youngster that if you trace pages on Wikipedia, they all lead to Philosophy.  Could they lead to religion? Is Religion a branch of Philosophy? Or is Philosophy a branch of Religion? I think the former is correct:  Religion is a branch of Philosophy. I had a friend who said that his father, a lawyer said that God is a lawyer.  I said no, He is a gardener. I am the branch, and my father is the gardened. He likes to see things grow.  I suppose if you consider the Bible as a book of law, God can be considered a Lawyer.  Furthermore, God viz Jessus was a carpenter. My father was a gardener and a carpenter. God can be said to be a mathematician. That’s what I am essentially. We will consider God as a Mathematician and do some of His calculations in the creation of the universe.