Vol. 1, No.1. December 2021

Vol.1, No. 1; 

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Can Expression and Formation of Adolescent National Identity be Predetermined by the Gender?
Dr. AgnėJuškevičienė
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Exploring the implementation of E-governance at the Road Transport and Safety Agency: A case study of Ndola Office Zambia.
Mungulube Chanda &Blessing Mataka: MSc IR, BSc
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Emotional Labour and Burnout Syndrome among Nigerian Politicians
Hillary O. Odor, Josephine N Martins-Emesom &Kingsley C Ugbechie
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Developing as Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teacher Educators: Reviewing and Framing Perspectives in the Research
Kathleen Nolana &Lindsay Keazerb
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Awakening your Authentic Self: Enhancing Multicultural Awareness through Interactions with Horses
Rana Banaja, Ph.D.
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Applying the Four Quadrant Model of Ethical Decision-Making to an HIV Disclosure Case Study in Lebanon
Stephen M. Young
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Religion, Metaphysics, and Ethics
Paul T.E. Cusack, BScE, DULE
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The quest for new digital skills for opera artists and opera companies during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sakhiseni Joseph Yende
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Management of a Suicidal Patient: A Practitioner’s Perspective
Romeo Escobar, PhD, LCSW, ACSW
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