Language studies: In search of a coherent framework

Diana Liepa


Over the last years the world has undergone social and political changes the education system needs to follow them. In the European Council Conclusions of 14 December 2017, Heads of State and Government reiterated the ambition of “enhancing the learning of languages, so that more young people will speak at least two European languages in addition to their mother tongue.”The Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia has promoted changes in education by proposing to develop new curricula based on the competency approach. Attention is paid to an assessment of the competence at the end of the learning process. The question of the criteria and of competence assessment remains unanswered. The current situation shows that foreign language teachers do not fully understand the advantages of the new approach. The aim of the research: to describe and analyze the experience of foreign language learning in order to promote the implementation of a successful competence approach.