Lessons Learnt From Māori Language Teaching In English-Medium Secondary Schools in Aotearoa/ New Zealand

Dr Sophie Judy Nock PhD


Ko tereo Māori tepoutokomanawa o teMāoritanga / The Māori language is the foundation of all things Māori.  Tereo Māori/ The Māori language is the ancestral tongue of Māori people, the early inhabitants of Aotearoa.  In this article I will argued in the context of teaching languages that adequate consultation with teachers and communities, consistency between the advice provided in the curriculum guidelines document, the resources made available to teachers, and adequate pre and in-service training are some of the foundational prerequisites paramount to ensure language maintenance, retention and revitalization.  As a way forward to help strengthen policy, and inform Indigenous language teachers, a reflection on lessons learnt in the New Zealand context and some useful Indigenous language strategies will be provided.